Is Backbone.js the right MVC framework for you?

Backbone is not for everyone or every situation, they are some things it does very well, and others that other frameworks do better. I really wanted to give a shout out at some resources that have been popping up recently about this, here we go!

1. Todo apps comparison

If you are the kind of people that would choose by looking at the code this is perfect. This github repository contains a todo app example for each popular MVC framework out there (Including SproutCore 2.0, YUILibrary, JavaScriptMVC, Spine.js, Backbone, Sammy, KnockoutJS, AngularJS and more.).

And don’t think this is a rehash of current todo apps. Addy Osmani implemented a consistent todo app that really shows the differences between those framework.

Backbone vs knockout

Here we have a good debate about the pros and cons of those frameworks.

Knockout vs JavascriptMVC vs Backbone

Last but not least, a story about a back-end developer explorering the front-end world.

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