What are some good resources for Backbone.js?

For those of you that did not saw, there is a particular question on Quora that gave a lot of information about resources on backbone.

Official Backbone.js Resources

Startups/Apps Built on Backbone.js

Example Apps

OpenSource/Github Projects

Blog Posts & Tutorials

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One Comment on "What are some good resources for Backbone.js?"

  1. avatar elfsternberg says:

    Thanks for mentioning my tutorial, The Backbone Store. I wasn't happy with some of the decisions I made in that tutorial, so I've updated it. First, I have a standard version:

    The Backbone Store 2.0 http://www.elfsternberg.com/2011/08/08/backbone-s

    And an "advanced" version:

    The Backbone Store 2.0 made with Coffeescript, HAML, and Stylus: http://www.elfsternberg.com/2011/08/22/backbone-s

    They're both written and designed the same way. The biggest mistake in the original was tracking views by attaching them to models; I now consider that a serious programming error, and in 2.0 fix that error, making views independent of models.