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Backbone View-Model Binding

This article briefly discusses how the Backbone.View class is normally used and then introduces a new class that helps makes it easy to synchronize your models and views.

The Backbone.View class helps you do a couple of important things that I’ll discuss in very brief detail:  (I assume that you are already familiar with Backbone.Views)

  • Create browser DOM elements
  • Listen to DOM element events
  • Listen to model events

Create browser DOM elements:

Backbone.View objects have a… Read the rest

Understanding bind and bindAll in Backbone.js

It all starts with apply

Function bindAll internally uses bind . And bind internally uses apply. So it is important to understand what apply does.

var func = function beautiful(){
  alert(this + ' is beautiful');

If I execute above code then I get [object window] is beautiful. I am getting that message because when function is invoked then… Read the rest