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Vacations Made Easy advertises an annual Christmas tour via double decker bus. The New York City Holiday Lights Tour is strictly a bus tour and there is no hopping on or off,large inflatable soccer ball 42. There are definitely those people that show up to a few here and there but the regulars have become such good friends. Every day at 3 we head to a meeting room and have coffee and biscuits together this worked out so … Read the rest

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So what? Then what would be this so called “concern” people had about his falsetto? Of course he can do falsetto,soccer in atlanta 07, that no big news, most of their songs feature falsetto sections, Supermassive Black Hole is falsetto from beginning to end and it is played in practically every gig,huge soccer ball 75, so anyone with ears knows he can still hit falsettos,large inflatable soccer ball 79, but some songs are harder … Read the rest

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And,bumper balls 37, if you want to decorate it more, you can always put … Read the rest

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I expect this will tickle my funny bone just as much as Pineapple Express, 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, etc did. If you smoke weed, you gonna like it. Choose a seasonal sentiment that suits your window’s size and style. A large window can accommodate a long greeting such as “Welcome Winter” or “Happy Christmas to All.” Spell out “Peace,glass bubbler pipe 52,” “Noel” and other simple greetings in the panes of a gridded window. For temperature … Read the rest

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The employees may spend a day playing paint ball for a company gift as well. This type of gift lifts the morale of all employees as well as shows appreciation for work.. And we have either you can use wax paper to line with or you can just use a sheet of paper like we are going to do today. You can have a simple, this is a cardboard piece right here. Follow this video to view suggestions on how … Read the rest

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Pay a visit to the Winter Train and Village in Center House, erected each year. It is a miniature turn of the century town, complete with several different trains,glass sherlock pipes 48, buildings,glass weed pipes 71, lights, snow and a impressive model train depot.. The New York strip steak, hickory smoked barbecue ribs and the HRC bacon Cheeseburger are among the numerous dishes available. TV screens play music videos endlessly and there is a nice collection … Read the rest

Extending Backbone.js constructors, the easy way

One thing that really is really annonying with backbone 1.1 is the fact that the options are not passed has this.options anymore in the Backbone.View.

Well simply enough we can add this (or anything else) in the view constructor.

// Compatibility override - Backbone 1.1 got rid of the 'options' binding
// automatically to views in the constructor - we need to keep that.
Backbone.View = (function(View) {
   return View.extend({
        constructor: function(options) {
            this.options = options;
            View.apply(this, arguments);
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Releasing Backbone Mobile Components

Doing mobile web apps can be challenging, not that it’s really harder than doing desktop style app, it’s just different. When doing mobile web you need to focus on simplicity & performance.

When I started dabbling into doing mobile web apps with Backbone.js I really wanted to abstract from the start the mobile part to focus on building great apps. That’s why I builded Backbone Mobile Components.

It’s 7 components that helps you doing mobile with backbone easier. It also … Read the rest