Getting started with web mobile using backbone

Just found out a nice article about getting started from scratch on mobile using backbone.js. While normally I would not advocate rolling your own “framework”. I feel like mobile doesn’t need much to get going (at least with droids and iphone) and it can be a good thing to learn how that work since mobile is probably going to be a big part of the future.

Here a part of the article and the link:

Let’s make a collective… Read the rest

Backbone.js walkthrough of Models and Views (Part 2/2)

Backbone.js walkthrough of Models and Views

Handling “variable is not defined” with underscore template engine

One of the cool thing with backbone.js is that you can plug in about any javascript templating engine there is. Also another nice extra is that there is one already bundled with underscore.js that is quite powerful.

Personally the template engine provided with underscore cover most of my use cases and is enough for me, but there is one thing that I have found very unpleasant, you cannot pass undefined keys to it. Here an example:

var template

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Modifying your urls on the fly using the request method with sync in backbone.js

Yeah that’s a long title, Backbone provides one default url for all your types of request with your models. But what if you want to be able to change your url model that is synching with your api depending of the type of request? Well that’s what we are here to do.

Backbone Sync

Sync is a nice utility used by backbone when you request your server to sync your model. Each time your request a change, backbone call sync,… Read the rest

Working with api responses in backbone.js using parse

One backbone.js behavior that was kind of upsetting me recently is the fact that it re-syncs your model after you save it on the server.

You know, you just set a model you changed, save it on the server in the background and continue your day in your application. Backbone however awaits patiently the response from the server api, and if the response does not correspond with your current model state, it sets the response attributes back to your… Read the rest

Models, collections and testing with Backbone.js

Thanks to Developwithpassion we have a new screencast this week. This presentation specifically focus on models and collections and how we can use them to encapsulate data and behavior in our client-side applications.

Be sure to check Developwithpassion website!

Organizing Your Backbone.js Application With Modules

There’s been a lot of debate about code organization in the Backbone.js community for some time. It’s a complex problem that does not warrant a universal solution. All applications are not created equal and the reality is that the answer probably consists of a collection of patterns that can be used as necessary given the situation. At the end of the day the goal should be to create a code-base that is easy to understand, implement and maintain.

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Is Backbone.js the right MVC framework for you?

Backbone is not for everyone or every situation, they are some things it does very well, and others that other frameworks do better. I really wanted to give a shout out at some resources that have been popping up recently about this, here we go!

1. Todo apps comparison

If you are the kind of people that would choose by looking at the code this is perfect. This github repository contains a todo app example for each popular MVC… Read the rest

Knockout vs JavascriptMVC vs Backbone

“I asked Matt if it was ok to repatriate this article since his blog is now offline (will be back soon), Backbone is not portrayed in a good manner here, but I can understand his frustrations and found his point of view interesting” – Cedric Dugas

Recently we had a project that called for heavy Javascript interface. Awesome! A chance to try out some of these new fangled Javascript frameworks; namely Knockout, JavascriptMVC, and Backbone. The project’s UI would have… Read the rest