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Realtime web applications with streaming REST

In this session, Brad will show how to build a real-time layer on top of an existing Rails application’s authorization and resource logic so that you can build on top of the hard work already invested in your Rails application.

Using Backbone.js with Rails: Patterns from the Wild

In this talk Sarah demystify Backbone, Sarah show several very different ways she used it on real Rails apps. You’ll get a feel for the circumstances when Backbone makes sense, and moreover, when each of the different approaches to Backbone make sense.

State of the backbone

Backbone.js walkthrough of Models and Views (Part 2/2)

Backbone.js walkthrough of Models and Views

Models, collections and testing with Backbone.js

Thanks to Developwithpassion we have a new screencast this week. This presentation specifically focus on models and collections and how we can use them to encapsulate data and behavior in our client-side applications.

Be sure to check Developwithpassion website!

Nailing the Interactions on Pageless Apps (with Backbone.js)

How to use Backbone.js to submit a Rails generated form

The original video comes from Andrew blog http://andrew

The repo for the backbone-demo app I created for the screencast is on github. [UPDATE: I have created a gem called backbonejs-rails that will create the needed JavaScript files and add the initializer/backbone.rb file to your app.]“Rich Text AreaToolbarBold (Ctrl / Alt+Shift + B)Italic… Read the rest

Introduction to backbone.js and views

The original video comes from Joey blog