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Backbone View-Model Binding

This article briefly discusses how the Backbone.View class is normally used and then introduces a new class that helps makes it easy to synchronize your models and views.

The Backbone.View class helps you do a couple of important things that I’ll discuss in very brief detail:  (I assume that you are already familiar with Backbone.Views)

  • Create browser DOM elements
  • Listen to DOM element events
  • Listen to model events

Create browser DOM elements:

Backbone.View objects have a… Read the rest

Organizing Your Backbone.js Application With Modules

There’s been a lot of debate about code organization in the Backbone.js community for some time. It’s a complex problem that does not warrant a universal solution. All applications are not created equal and the reality is that the answer probably consists of a collection of patterns that can be used as necessary given the situation. At the end of the day the goal should be to create a code-base that is easy to understand, implement and maintain.

We here… Read the rest

Is Backbone.js the right MVC framework for you?

Backbone is not for everyone or every situation, they are some things it does very well, and others that other frameworks do better. I really wanted to give a shout out at some resources that have been popping up recently about this, here we go!

1. Todo apps comparison

If you are the kind of people that would choose by looking at the code this is perfect. This github repository contains a todo app example for each popular MVC… Read the rest

Knockout vs JavascriptMVC vs Backbone

“I asked Matt if it was ok to repatriate this article since his blog is now offline (will be back soon), Backbone is not portrayed in a good manner here, but I can understand his frustrations and found his point of view interesting” – Cedric Dugas

Recently we had a project that called for heavy Javascript interface. Awesome! A chance to try out some of these new fangled Javascript frameworks; namely Knockout, JavascriptMVC, and Backbone. The project’s UI would have… Read the rest

Front-end developer to backbone.js, what you need to know

If you are front-end developer you probably heard of Backbone at one time or another, this little framework implemented an MVC architecture on the front-end. Now if you never really delve into MVC and your only knowledge of it is doing some lite Code Igniter work you are in for a treat.

Not your typical MVC framework

It’s called an MVC framework but really it’s a weird kind, there is no controller, the event system is completely different from your… Read the rest

Backbone.js and Django

I’ve been using backbone.js recently, mostly with node.js, or with the localstore bundled with the example Todo application for quick prototypes. However, I wanted to integrate it within some existing Django applications, but had some trouble.

Since Backbone assumes a REST architecture, I needed some way to expose my Django models. For this, I went with Tastypie, which is the easiest way I’ve found to write a RESTful API for your app.

I’ve put together a sample application using Backbone… Read the rest

What are some good resources for Backbone.js?

For those of you that did not saw, there is a particular question on Quora that gave a lot of information about resources on backbone.

Official Backbone.js Resources


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