Getting started with web mobile using backbone

Just found out a nice article about getting started from scratch on mobile using backbone.js. While normally I would not advocate rolling your own “framework”. I feel like mobile doesn’t need much to get going (at least with droids and iphone) and it can be a good thing to learn how that work since mobile is probably going to be a big part of the future.

Here a part of the article and the link:

Let’s make a collective decision here. We’ll stop treating A-grade mobile phones as aliens, and see them for what they are: powerful, capable devices, running powerful rendering engines.

Throwing a framework at your app, such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha, or anything that gives you the popular iOS-like native look and feel, instantly boxes you into a set of choices, design and functionality-wise. Your app becomes a McDonalds burger: same as a bunch of other B-side apps that look and feel slightly worse than a native application. You can do way better than that, using what the browser in each of these devices provides.

We’ll look at how to do this, taking a minimalist approach using HTML5, CSS3 and Backbone.js. Minimalism is now trendy (your mileage may vary) for desktop web apps, but on mobile, the benefits are huge, and more importantly, noticeable.

Point your iPhone/Android to and have a play around. This example is taken from an app I’ve been working on, very slowly, for a while now. The implementation is, in turn, based on an example that comes with Zepto.js.

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