Models, collections and testing with Backbone.js

Thanks to Developwithpassion we have a new screencast this week. This presentation specifically focus on models and collections and how we can use them to encapsulate data and behavior in our client-side applications.

Be sure to check Developwithpassion website!

Cedric Dugas is an experienced front-end developer and founder of Position: Absolute, based in Montreal, Canada. When he is not doing CSS and jquery (does it ever happen?), he likes to read on web usability and play trumpet. Why don't you follow him on twitter.

One Comment on "Models, collections and testing with Backbone.js"

  1. Rosen Tihomirov says:

    I know this is free screencast and I don't have right to complain about it.
    But seriously I'm having headache because of this guy voice… dude learn so speak laud and clear and please please get a decent microphone.

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